Modern IF Author, Administrator of annual IF Competition October 28, 2007
  Stephen Granade
Interviewed in: Madison, AL
Stephen Granade is one of the rare writers who was paid, for some amount of time, to write about Interactive Fiction regularly. While employed by, he maintained a section on the subject, including links and essays. With the closure/ending of his time with, he still had the rights to his works and used this as the foundation for a new site, Brass Lantern, which reviews and analyzes interactive fiction.

Granade is also the current maintainer/organizer of The Annual IF Competition (also known as the IF Comp), one of the main locations where IF works are given a showcase and compete for prizes.

Madison, Alabama is not actually near any particular airport that I could get a flight from Boston to, so conducting the interview required a 100+ mile drive from Atlanta and back in the same day. I made my flight but immediately regretted not driving in that direction the previous evening when I passed the U.S. Space Camp on the way to his house.

1995 Waystation.
1995 Undertow.
1998 Losing Your Grip.
1998 Arrival, or Attack of the B-Movie Cliches.
1998 Contributes multiple games to the Textfire parody pack.
1999 Common Ground.
2001 Constraints.
2001 Pong.
2001 MC.
2003 Cave of Adventure.
2003 AAS Masters.
2006 Child's Play.
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sgranade.jpg (26K) Stephen Granade headshot, used for speaking engagements.
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