IF Author, creator of Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country July 29, 2007
  Adam Thornton
Interviewed in: Las Vegas, NV
Adam was one of the first people to write me with offerings of support and information for the documentary. He had some good ideas and he was also highly recommended by other modern IF authors as someone worth interviewing. He was therefore on my list within a very short time.

The problem was that Adam split his time between two different homes, one in a city in the US I didn't have much reason to pass through and another that would not be out of place in the end of an adventure film called The Quest for Adam Thornton. Things were looking dim but I had plans to visit the US city at some point, even if it meant a long drive between interviews.

Luck intervened, however, and Adam and I both found ourselves in the same location, Las Vegas, for a Classic Gaming expo. We had dinner with a few other folks (including Nick Montfort and Robb Sherwin) on Friday, and then later in the weekend I did what I could with my hotel room at the Riviera and we filmed an interview there.

Within the community, Adam is known both as a clever reviewer of IF Works and the creator of a sequel to a (written by others) game called Stiffy Makane. His contribution, Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country, won accolades at the 2001 XYZZY awards.

2001 Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country
2007 Interviewed.
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