Founder of Adventure International, creator of the Scott Adams Grand Adventures January 21, 2007
  Scott Adams
Interviewed in: Wisconsin
Scott Adams is considered one of the giants of adventure games, especially text-based adventures (The Scott Adams Grand Adventures (SAGA) series is especially cited). He is the founder of Adventure International, which sold software for a variety of platforms, mostly involving entertainment. This company grew wildly through the early 1980s but eventually went bankrupt in the inevitable industry shake-out, but should be considered one of the top "old-school" microcomputer software companies. His adventures were of the two-word parser variety, with sweeping general themes: the pirate adventure, the mystery game, the jungle.

From Scott Adams' own website: "Scott was the first person to put an Adventure game (also known as Interactive Fiction) on a personal computer. This was in 1978 and the computer was a 16k Radio Shack TRS-80 model I. Scott went on to write over a dozen different adventure games for the personal computers of the 1980s. He is credited with starting the entire multi billion dollar a year computer game industry. Many people have written Scott and explained how his early games help led them into a career in computers today. Scott is 50 years old now and living in Wisconsin. He is married and has 5 children."

Scott divorced Alexis, his wife and co-creator of some of the adventures, a good number of years ago, and has since remarried with a large family. Alexis continued to live in Florida until her passing in April of 2008.

Mr. Adams has said in several contexts that he finds text adventures boring in the modern world, and spends a lot of his "gaming time" online with games like Everquest, Baldur's Gate, and so on.

An excellent site with overviews of his work is at

1952 Scott Adams born, Miami, Florida.
1978 Writes Adventureland.
1979 Pirate Adventure.
1979 Secret Mission
1979 Founds Adventure International.
1981 Strange Odyssey.
1981 Mystery Fun House.
1981 Pyramid of Doom.
1981 Ghost Town
1982 Savage Island, Part I
1982 Savage Island, Part II
1982 Golden Voyage
1982 Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
1984 Questprobe #1: The Hulk
1984 Questprobe #2: Spiderman
1985 Adventure International bankrupt.
2003 Return to Pirate's Island 2.
2007 Interviewed.
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