Infocom Implementor, creator of Trinity, Wishbringer November 29, 2006
  Brian Moriarty
From the e-book "Halycon Days":

Brian Moriarty got his start as technical editor for one of the two leading Atari computer hobbyist magazines of the early 1980s, ANALOG Computing (the name was an acronym for "Atari Newsletter And Lots Of Games"). During his years at ANALOG, he authored two well-received text adventures: "Adventure in the Fifth Dimension" and "Crash Dive!" His big break came when he left to join Infocom, eventually writing the popular introductory adventure "Wishbringer" and the masterpiece "Trinity," a game revolving around the development of the atomic bomb. "Trinity" is perhaps the Infocom title that comes the closest to achieving the standard assumed by the phrase "interactive fiction"; Steve Meretzky's "A Mind Forever Voyaging" is another contender.

After the text game market dried up, and "Infocom" became a label applied to certain titles from other companies, Brian designed and wrote 1990's "Loom," from LucasArts, and was one of many people who had a hand in "The Dig." More recently he has been a designer for Rocket Science Games ("Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine") and Mpath.

1956 Brian Moriarty born.
1984 Joins Infocom.
1985 Wishbringer.
1986 Trinity.
1988 Beyond Zork.
1988 Leaves Infocom.
1988 Joins Lucasarts.
1990 Loom.
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