Teacher using Interactive Fiction as school projects February 26, 2006
  Jonathan Meyers
Interviewed in: Kissimmee, FL
While scheduling my trip to Florida, I was contacted by Jonathan Meyers, a teacher in Kissimmee, FL who had used text adventures as a teaching tool (as well as playing them with his family many years before). After I asked for more details, he sent me a great essay about them, and I asked if he was available in a couple weeks. He was.

I met Jonathan, his wife, and their very energetic dogs on Sunday morning, and we talked for about an hour on camera, covering teaching IF, Jonathan's own history with text adventures, and how kids who had not been born when some of these games came out reacted to the puzzles and pitfalls of Zork. We had pizza, and a great time.

Looking at the footage later, I saw that I had set the audio wrong (the camera still being very new to me) and I was beside myself with depression. Some perspective has shown me that this is excellent bonus footage and in fact, with little effort, I could definitely get around the sound problems, but it reminded me again how each of these interviews is a moment, a snapshot in time, and to double-check all of my settings, every time. I'd gotten pretty complacent with my old camera, and the new one gives no slack.

An excellent interview.

Footage Screenshots